Category: Landscaping

What is Lot Clearing?

The lot clearing process involves removing trees and shrubs from a commercial or residential property in order to facilitate the development of a project. To do this safely and effectively, you will need special machinery. By clearing your land of dead trees, stumps and other debris, you can reduce fire risk, improve soil quality by…

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Who is responsible to remove fallen trees?

Trees can be beautiful and valuable, but also a safety hazard in storms. If you know who will be responsible for the removal, you can plan accordingly. The following factors are important in determining this responsibility: Negligence, insufficient maintenance Neighbouring Property Owners If a nearby tree falls due to weather, or an act of nature,…

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Who to Call for Tree Removal?

Does it make a sound when a large tree falls in a forest and no one can hear it? Homeowners' insurance usually covers any damage caused by a falling tree. However, it is wise to check with your insurer as well as your neighbors before proceeding. Verify that the tree is your responsibility. 1. Your…

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